Union Church: An Affirming Congregation

affirmingOn April 28, 2002 Union Church became the first Affirming Congregation in Quebec which means we openly welcome gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons.

Many churches say all are welcome, but unfortunately that is not always true. Here at Union, however, EVERYONE is welcome. Union is open to all. We all come here for various reasons, are from diverse backgrounds.We are all at different points along our faith journey, having arrived from many different religions, and beliefs. Some are older, some young, some somewhere in between.We can be either employed, unemployed, self employed; some are students, some retired. Once you get to know us, you will realize that we can be married, single, divorced; gay, straight, bisexual or transgendered. What we all have in common, however, is that we call Union our own.

So do join us, either as part of our virtual community on our website, or in person by walking through our doors. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our community of faith.

Mission Statement

We are the people of Union Church. We join together,

in inclusive community, to celebrate God’s presence

and grace, proclaimed through the life and example

of Jesus Christ, in love, service, hope and the

struggle for justice.


We are committed to providing an environment of

nurture, opportunity and challenge that enables all

God’s people to realize their fullest potential and

their highest calling.


We are dedicated to being effective stewards of

God’s world, in its fullness and diversity, and to

working toward freedom and justice for its peoples.

Our faithful action, as part of our outreach work,

will include the support of refugees in our community

as they seek to establish new lives in Canada.


Living out our mission statement, we commit

ourselves to reaching out

with love and acceptance to all those who come

through our doors. We recognize

 that God’s love is extended to all people.

We pledge to accept and to welcome in the life and

 ministry of our congregation, people of any age,

 gender identity, race, sexual orientation, ability

social or economic circumstance or ethnic

background. In so doing, we strive to make

Union Church a safe place for all, and to be a voice

for  justice in our community.


(revised Dec. 2015)


Union Church Team

Rev. Vicky Cowen

Pierre Gallant