Reaching Out to the Community

Union members are working to improve the quality of life of people living in the communities of the West Island, Ile Perrot and farther west, as well as in communities around the world. Locally, we raise funds for elementary and high school student support programs, send supplies to the Le Parados women’s shelter, Montreal City Mission and St. Columba house, help pay for counseling services made available to the public through the Family Life Centre, provide low-cost clothing to the community through Boutique 24, and give an alternative to the Ste. Anne bar scene at the monthly Coffee House. Farther afield, we support many causes around the world through the United Church Mission and Service Fund of the United Church of Canada, and have given direct support to projects in northern Canada, Cuba, the Philippines and central America.

We raise money through various fundraising events, but our largest source of income is from Boutique 24. You can be part of our community of giving by either shopping at our little Boutique, which is open every Thursday (September-June) from 11:30-330, as well as one Friday evening & one Saturday per month- see the calendar of events for specific dates.

Community Activities

Fundraising at Union

Life, as you know, is expensive. Running a church is no different. Union Church is constantly looking for new sources of revenue, other than the generous donations we receive from our parishioners. Some people choose to donate when they attend Sunday morning service, others send cheques to the finance committee. And still others, perhaps someone like you, are looking for a quick easy way to do so online- well now you can. Union Church, in keeping with the times, has set up an online paypal account. If you have been part of Union in the past, if you just dropped in to attend a baptism, wedding or funeral, or if come by on a regular basis and have been wondering how you can donate online, click here.

Other, more indirect ways of helping support Union financially are our ongoing or seasonal activities: Fundscript Cards, Apple Pie Sales, Fruit & Nuts Sales, Fall Bazzar, Theater Evenings to name but a few. Check back frequently as new information is added. Remember, every little bit helps, so yes, please do take part in whatever way you can.

Community Activities Calendar