Music is a HUGE Part of Who we Are!

You can join us, any Sunday morning, September- June at Sunday morning service at 1030.  We also have frequent get-togethers where music is front and center, such as the Coffee House which takes place in Adair Hall the last Friday of every month (September-May) Keep coming back to our website , and look at our calendar to find out what events will be featuring music. Our Road Show productions are another venue you might like to explore.

In a nutshell, what you will find, is something for everyone!  Not only do our two choirs perform, we also have groups that come back to Union year after year. The Lakeshore Chamber Orchestra has been using our premises for the concerts for over 50 years, McGill’s Childrens choir & McGill Chamber orchestra as well.  We have hosted piano recitals, recording ‘studio’ (our accoustics are amazing) and choirs from all over the west island.

Listen to some of our Performances:

The Road Home

The Road Home Production


Eric & Bonnie Norris

Sinner’s Prayer

Spare Parts

Come and Follow Me

Hymn Sung During Service

A Light is Gleaming

Hymn Sung During Service

Lord Listen to Your Children

Beautiful Meditative Chant

This Little Light of Mine

It's Your Turn to Sing Along!


Road Show Productions